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Baby led weaning: what size and shape pasta do I offer?

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

It sounds super simple but its something we get asked a lot. You want to cause as little frustration with meals as possible, build only positive connections and make mealtimes a simple enjoyment for little ones. Choosing the perfect size, shape and grip is just as important as the foods you serve. If your little one is enjoying something but struggling to eat it, this just builds a negative association with the food. Imagine you are loving something you're eating but it's constantly slipping out of your mouth and hands and you cant successfully take a bite. It would be VERY irritating and lead to you just wanting to leave the table and not continue with that meal. You then may avoid that food in the future due to that negative experience and not wanting to experience it again. Just like when we go to a restaurant, order a meal and have a negative experience with that food. We just would not order it again would we? At this point in your little ones life they are building so many little brain connections being both positive and negative. The more positive the better, therefore we need to limit as much frustration as possible whilst keeping it safe and age appropriate.

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