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  • Who are the recipes suitable for?
    We cater to all age groups, from as little as 6 months to toddlers, older children and the whole family! We love to promote eating the same meal all together at the table as we believe this benefits little ones greatly, therefore we make recipe's to easily encourage this.
  • Do you offer dairy-free recipes?
    Yes! 90% of our recipes have a dairy free alternative. We like to ensure our little allergy babes are not missing out. We have made a whole, entire section dedicated to dairy free so it is easy for our customers to browse, read and cook!
  • Do you offer a free trial?
    Yes! we offer a one time free trial on our monthly subscription. This trial lasts for 7 days. We like to be as transparent and honest with our customers as possible, therefore when your trial is near the end we will email you to remind you to cancel if you do not wish to continue. If you wish to continue, just leave the membership running and it will automatically continue as a regular, monthly subscription at £3.99 a month which you can still cancel easily with the click of a button at any time you wish. You are never locked into anything with us.
  • Am I tied into a contract?
    No. Here at Tiny Tums Recipes, we offer no contract, cancel anytime subscriptions. This means our customers are welcome to cancel or re-join at any given time, you are not locked in and you can cancel easily yourselves with the click of a button on your members dashboard. We love to work around your circumstances and allow you to be flexible with your memberships.
  • How many recipes are on the website?
    We currently have 500+ recipes on the website and we are always updating unlike an ordinary cookbook. Our website is a never-ending, always-updating, pocket sized cook book and more! We upload new recipes to the website weekly so that theirs always something fresh, new and exciting to cook for your family. We are the only weaning business which offers this amount of content on a weekly basis.
  • I have forgotten my password
    If you have forgotten your password, follow these simple steps: HOME > LOG IN > LOG IN WITH EMAIL > FORGOT PASSWORD > ENTER EMAIL > CHANGE PASSWORD ON THE EMAIL RECIEVED FROM US.
  • Do you offer vegan options?
    Yes. We have lots of vegan recipes to enjoy by little ones or the entire family. We like to offer an alternative vegan option on majority of our meals where we can, so no one is having to miss out
  • How often are new recipes added?
    We add new recipes every single week! You can find our new recipes featured at the top of our recipe page.
  • Trouble resetting my password?
    Trying to reset your password? Follow the instructions below: Click the menu in the top right hand corner > Click log in > Reset password > Follow instructions in the reset password link sent to your email. Haven't received your email? Check your junk mail Clear your cache and cookies from your internet browser and try again If you still have not received a reset password link email us at
  • How do I get in contact with you?
    You can contact us via our live chat in the right hand corner of your screen or by clicking the 'contact us' button at the bottom of every page. All our emails are answered within 24 hours and we are proud to offer a fast, efficient and friendly customer service.
  • What does the subscription include?
    Included in all subscriptions: All our subscriptions offer you the same access to the following - Access to 500+ recipes with new ones added weekly! - Access to our feeding guide, helping guide you to make healthier choices for your family - Free meal planners and shopping lists - Dairy free and vegan alternatives for 90% of our recipes - Access to our online store allowing you to shop all our recommendations - 24 hour support via live chat or email - Access to our picky eating hub, helping you understand your picky eater whilst giving you tips, tricks, recommendations and step by step information on how to help your child.
  • Are the recipes complicated?
    No. All our recipes are simple, quick and easy. Some recipes take longer than others but most are maximum 30 minutes and all our recipes are just 3 simple steps. Tiny Tums Recipes is made by a mother of 2 toddlers who completely understands the busy life of a parent, we cater to that and we know how chaotic and busy our lives are already are, therefore we do not want to overcomplicate things at meal times! We make and write out every recipe with the parent in mind. Good food doesn't need to be complicated or 1 million steps. All our recipes are beautiful, fresh, flavour packed and delicious but super simple and put into a 3 step method for you!
  • Can I store all my favourite recipes somewhere?
    Yes! You can store all your favourite recipe's to cook in your favourites section to help you access them with ease as well as keep track of meals your family enjoyed to re-cook in the future. Just find the recipe's you love and click the heart icon in the top right hand corner of the recipe image. This will automatically add it to your favourites section, making it super easy for you to reach your go to recipes without scrolling the entire website. How to locate your favourites page: Click the menu bar > Click your account at the top > Scroll down to favourites or Head to your members dashboard > click favourites
  • Do you cater to picky eaters?
    Yes! Our expertise is fussy eating and our entire website is based around it. We also include a Picky Eating Hub with tips, tricks, recommendations and step by step guidance on how to help your picky eater during the stage they are going through.
  • How often do you update your website?
    We update the website with new recipes every single week. We also add 5 new articles a week to our feeding guide. We are a never-ending cookbook with many added extras.
  • How do I locate the recipes?
    Click our menu in the top right hand corner (2 lines) > recipes > then pick your category. or Head to your members dashboard > click recipes All the recipes will show in that category or you can use our search bar on every recipe page to find a specific recipe you are looking for.
  • Do you have social media?
    Yes you can find us on Instagram @tinytumsrecipes as well as TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    To cancel your membership please follow the instructions below: Log in > Click the menu in the top right hand corner > Click your account icon > Subscriptions > Cancel next to your active subscription. You are welcome to cancel and re-join at any time. All our memberships are no contract.
  • Do you cater to children with ASD?
    Yes we specialise in neophobic (toddler stage) picky eating, food anxiety, sensory aversions and picky eating with ASD
  • Do you have an app?
    No we do not currently have an app but we function exactly the same as an app and offer more than any baby weaning app out there. No baby weaning app out there gives you new information and recipe's every single week! However you can add us to your homepage like an app for ease. Click here to find out how.
  • My membership has randomly cancelled?
    If your membership has cancelled it would be due to these following reasons: You have recently received a new bank card and have not updated your details on your account therefore the payment has failed and membership has expired. You had insufficient funds in your account when we tried to take payment firs time and then second time. Due to this the membership will automatically expire. If this is the case you can activate your subscription again by taking a new subscription out under the same login. If you are still confused as to why your account has cancelled or need extra help please contact us at and we can assist you further.
  • If I have a monthly membership and want to update to a lifetime or yearly will the monthly automatically cancel?
    You are welcome to update your membership at any time under your same account however no it will not automatically cancel. When taking out your new membership be sure to head to your subscriptions page which will show you all your current, active subscriptions. Here you can click cancel next to the subscription you do not wish to continue.
  • Where are you based?
    Tiny Tums Recipe's is based in the UK (United Kingdom) however entirely online. Anyone worldwide can have a membership with us.
  • What is your email response wait time?
    We answer all emails within 24 hours of receiving them Monday to Friday. If you email us on a Saturday or Sunday you will get a response the next working day, being Monday.
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