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Family style eating is our passion

Food brings people together! It really does, it encourages us to talk, share and connect. Sometimes its the only time of day we all get to do this as a family. Tiny Tums Recipe’s was built by me, Rachel, a mum of 2 with true passion of family eating. Growing up in my household of 6, we always had our dinner together, it’s where we laughed and joked, it’s where we spoke about problems we were facing and it created an honest and open relationship with our parents. I can literally tell them everything without hesitation. I remember friends joining the table and being in awe of how much we could share. It’s special. I then had two children and started cooking completely different meals, removing salt, encouraging a more healthy diet and being conscious of what we consumed. As much as all the beautiful, fun and creative weaning and children’s recipe pages I saw, none were actually something I’d dish up for everyone (adults included), or they just were a bit too fiddly and faffy.

 It just wasn’t very practical and I didn’t want to cook separate meals, I wanted to model me eating a range of foods in front of my children, and them be included. As we know mental health is decreasing, for reasons like social media usage and much much more, the list is lengthy. We all know eating around the table as a family helps create good eating habits in children, encourages variety, models table manners and skills but it also has a massive impact on the mental health of our little people! Like decreasing chances of depression, providing a safe talking space every day, results in fewer behavioural problems and more. When a family sits down together, it helps them handle the stresses of daily life and the hassles of day-to-day existence. Tiny Tums Recipes is for everyone, it’s something you can serve to everyone from 6 months to us adults! And it’s something you can bond over. It’s healthy, flavour packed, easy, 3 step recipes built around the busy parent, for everyone to share. Because we believe health and family are important.

We are more than food, we are a lifestyle

What we stand for
  • Family time

  • Easy meals

  • Flavour, we are BANNING bland

  • Healthy eating

  • Encouraging mess and exploration 

  • Variety

  • Including culture

  • Not labelling foods "good" and "bad"

  • Allowing treats

  • Including everyone

  • Supporting fussy eaters
    ​Letting little ones lead the way

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