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Batch cook challenge

  • 28giorni
  • 20step
Tutti i partecipanti che avranno completato tutti gli step riceveranno un badge al termine del programma.


Do you find it hard to make the extra time to batch cook in your busy lives full of parental responsibilities and never-ending to do lists. Well we have got you! Batch cooking is a life saver, when you start you will get it. It just makes life go a lot smoother. Batch cooking provides you and your family with healthy, fast meals and snacks for days you just need to grab, heat and go. This challenge is for the parents who don't have 2 hours a week to spare, dedicating to cooking for their freezer stash, instead we help you build up a freezer stash without any extra effort at all! This challenge preps and fills your freezer in no time at all, leaving you feeling organised and on top.

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