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Welcome to reverse picky eating in 12 weeks! We start small and steady and slowly build up week by week in terms of techniques and new foods. We do not want to overwhelm your little one or cause any more distress/anxiety at the table; therefore, baby steps are key to success.


With picky-eating persistence and slow baby steps are required, it’s a slow ladder. For this plan to work, you will need to be persistent and consistent in ensuring everything is complete week by week for the most progress. Reversing picky eating takes a lot of planning, dedication and consistency to work.  Our plan covers techniques, meals as well as food therapy to do on a weekly basis to improve mealtimes. A lot of parents tend to skip out the food therapy and think the table work is the most powerful tool, however this is not the case. All the techniques and food therapy listed in your weekly plan are the MOST important! This helps create positive brain connections away from the table which then translates to the table. With picky eaters exposure to foods is not enough and the root issue and anxiety around the food needs to be addressed and conquered before they are capable of accepting these feared foods. We truly understand picky eating and offer you the correct tools to overcome it through a successful plan that has worked with hundreds of children.



Sometimes, when we expect our children to eat new foods they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with, it's like putting them on a two-wheeler bike and expecting them to ride off effortlessly. Like any new skill, it takes time and repetitions to be able to learn and build confidence and some take longer than others or require more assistance down to fears and unfamiliarity. Sometimes our own expectations of what we think our children should be eating create the biggest challenges for our children to learn at a pace right for them. It's easy to over-simplify a process that isn’t that simple. You have food on your plate. You eat the food? But generally, kids do not function like this or in any way we may expect. Most children are learning about new foods in progressive steps, especially at the toddler stage. There are multiple steps that need to happen between these points for a child to build confidence and comfortability eating. Just like riding a bike. We wouldn't expect to put a child on a two-wheeler bike and for them to suddenly know how to start pedalling. It starts with baby steps. First, they are intrigued by the bike, explore the parts, sit on the bike. Stabilizers are added, leg and foot movement are learnt, stabilizers are removed and balance is mastered before riding off effortlessly. Our picky eating hub is all about helping you build the little steps needed to create a confident and healthy relationship with food for your little one.

Good news is...

Children's brains are extremely plastic. Meaning they are easily able to learn new things. When a child learns something new or experiences something differently, a new positive connection is made in the brain. The more they have that same experience, the stronger the connection gets, and they can react differently than they had previously because of this new connection. This applies to picky eating and overcoming picky eating is all about new connections and experiences with food.

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